Bellavista Reserve

The tour begins at 5:30am from your hotel. We drive for 22km until our first stop, where we begin our walk to the Bellavista Reserve. In this place we can observe more than 60 different species of highlands birds, such as the Plate Billed Mountain Toucan, White Faced Nunbird, Ocelated Tapaculo, Chestnut Capped Brush Finch, Tanager Finch, Collared Inca and Undulated Atpitta. The car will be waiting at all times, and we will enjoy breakfast in the countryside while we keep on watching beautiful birds.

This activity has a total length of 7 hours and we'll be back in Mindo at 1:30pm. Please wear comfortable cloth in dull colors, and long sleeves..


- Snack and breakfast. 
- Transportation. 
- Specialized national birding guides.
- Entrance fee to the park. 
- Birdwatching equipment (binoculars, telescope, pointer, playback).